Naxos Restaurant & Cafe

“Scirocco” is a modern Greek restaurant run by two brothers, Nikos and Michalis, who convinced their mother Katerina to help them manage their own place since 24th March 1995. The restaurant is in the heart of Chora Naxos, in Protodikeiou Square and was founded in the dreams and enthusiasm of two young people who still today want simply to offer honest food and enjoyment to their customers purely by doing what they love. “Scirocco’s” international name is originated by the famous southeast wind, that in Greece we also call it “Sorokos or Sorokada” wind.
Since its opening in 1995, Scirocco has become somewhat of an institution on Naxos Island that should not be missed. Its beautiful decoration, indoor and outdoor seating combined with friendly, attentive and efficient staff create a welcoming environment where you feel right at home with friends.
“Scirocco” focuses its philosophy on offering traditional dishes that reflect the Aegean culture made with fresh local products including family’s own olive oil and vegetables from their small farm when possible ( Pappou Strato’s favourite area). There you can find fresh salads, Greek starters, pasta, grilled meats, fresh fish and delicious orange pie with ice cream. Something to please every palate.  With her recipes and regular presence Mama Katerina ensures that high quality homemade dishes are still served as they always have been.

Scirocco takes several steps to be environmental-friendly, from spring 2018 it has become a member of Consume-Less group. By choosing energy efficient appliances in the kitchen, low-consumption lighting in the whole facility, following a strict oil recycling program, recycling plastic & glass bottles . By growing and choosing local products reduces transport and packaging plus minimizing its impact on the environment.

During the years certain words have become synonymous with Scirocco: family, friendship, from farm to table, honesty, genuine, tradition, value for money, cheer, warm and quality service.

Do not miss this Aegean/Mediterranean experience!